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Riccochet to INFINITY
I have questions. 
24th-Mar-2007 10:23 pm
Dong Bang - Balloons - Ricochet
Why do people feel the need to leave pairing retard comments on things?
example: Video #1. Clearly AxB. Comment: A BELONGS WITH C.OMGZORZ!
Video #2. Clearly AxB again. Comment: C IS SO JEALOUS OMG! note: C is barely even SEEN in the video, and when he is, he is just standing there spacing off.
Fic #1. AxB and DxF. Labeled as such. Comment: I love this fic omg!!12123235!! but AxB needs to go die. I hate it.
Fic #2. AxB C=BFF of A, nothing more at all. Labeled as such also. Comment: Nice. But PLZ MAKE IT AxC FROM NOW ON, K!? IT'S MY FAVORITE!
Translation #1. C says, "This one time, A gave me a laxative. It helped me out a lot." Translator stops, even though it's a general non-pairing-squee community and goes something like, "OMFG AxC FOREVER. TRULUV GHEIMARRIAGE ADOPTEDKIDS & CATS & RAINBOW PICKET FENCE 4LYF!"

Is this a new must-do trend and I missed the memo?

How are creators/authors/contributors/uploaders supposed to respond to such things?

How would you respond?
A) ignore it.
B) try to ignore it, but get annoyed nevertheless.
C) get annoyed, or straight up pissed off. You'd like to tell them to fork off, but are generally too nice to do this.

I could attribute it to age or immaturity, but that's not right. I've known way too many respectful 14-16 year olds that wouldn't say shit like that - even if it is the interwebs. Geebus fucksticks, Maynard. If you dont like - DON'T READ. DON'T LOOK. DON'T WATCH. Nobody's holding a goddamned gun to your head, virtual or otherwise and forcing you to see or read things you don't want to. Shut up already! arrrrrrghghglskdhf >:F
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