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Riccochet to INFINITY
YES! omg yesyesyes THANKYOU kpop_uploads & clayray3290 The… 
11th-Mar-2007 06:43 pm
Dong Bang - Balloons - Ricochet
YES! omg yesyesyes THANKYOU kpop_uploads & clayray3290

The mystery "Darling" song I used for my fanvideo is by 신비 ShinVi and yes, it is titled "Darling" lol

I found a translated version of their PV for it and ohmygod, I couldn't have picked a mushier, sweeter song if I'd tried to do it in English. haha! Totally contradicts all the "violence" but whatever. :P

Apparently it was used in, or to promote a video game called Shining Lore?

Oh darling I have a request - To sleep by my side forever.

http://foocon.tistory.com/tag/Shinvi You get to the video by clicking the - Read the rest of this entry » It's subbed with the lyrics.

The game looks cute too.

What a relief. I've had this song since November and never knew who it was.
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